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Treating the Borderline Patient:
A Contract-Based Approach

Frank E. Yeomans, MD, PhD
Michael A. Selzer, MD
John F. Clarkin, PhD
Published by
Basic Books.
New York (1992)

Both clinical experience and research have shown that borderline patients are at high risk of dropping out of treatment. Paying adequate attention to establishing the treatment contract and frame of treatment significantly increases the rate of staying in treatment and successfully completing treatment. This book is a comprehensive guide to setting up the treatment contract with borderline patients.

"A theoretically sophisticated and clear, practical discussion of setting up a treatment framework with the borderline patient. I would recommend it to clinicians at all levels of experience and expect it will become an important teaching tool."

-- Robert Waldinger

"An important distillation of complex theoretical constructs and technical problems encountered in the treatment of borderline patients, this compelling and practical guide presents solutions in a straightforward, highly comprehensible manner. With case examples beautifully depicting the authors' approach and reflecting the accumulated wisdom of years of clinical experience and research, this book is a must-read for those who teach psychotherapy and those who study the therapeutic process."

-- Arlene Frank

"A lucid introduction to using the contract-based approach, this book conveys most effectively what has made authors' continuing education courses on treating the borderline patient so helpful to practitioners. All clinicians will profit greatly from the authors' thoughtful discussion and richly illustrated clinical vignettes."

-- Lyle Rosnick